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Dental Implant Bone Graft Cost

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that can make possible the placement of implants in patients with poor jawbone condition. Patients with severe jaw bone loss should be prepared to add the dental bone graft cost to the overall cost of the dental implant treatment.

Dental implant bone grafting has also a cost in terms of time, as it will add 3 to 6 months to the length of the overall treatment to get dental implants.

Average cost of dental implant bone grafting

The average cost of dental implant bone graft can range from $250 to $900 for a single implant area depending on the amount of bone graft needed, the type of bone graft used and the difficulty of each case.

In case of autogenous grafts taken from the hip bone, the cost of bone graft can raise well over $2,500 due to the additional costs for hospitalization, medications, orthopedic surgeon and anesthesiologist.

Allografts and xenografts usually cost less due to the simpler surgical procedure.

The use of Growth Factor Enhanced Grafts in order to accelerate the bone formation can reduce the time of treatment and the treatment success rate but it will further increase the cost of the dental implant bone graft procedure.

Are dental implant bone grafts covered by insurance?

Before starting the treatment, you should check with your dental insurance if dental bone grafts costs are covered and if any restrictions apply. Dental implants are not covered by dental insurance, but you may get some coverage for some parts of the treatment as the bone grafting.

In cases when there is extensive bone loss, a medical insurance will cover the bone grafting cost, if the treatment is proved to be medically necessary. If the bone loss was caused by accident, injury or medical conditions other than dental health issues, the cost of bone grafts is usually covered by general health insurance policies. If the patients ability to eat is seriously affected and it can not be restored with other options such as dentures, dental or/and medical insurance may also provide coverage.

What's the success rate of dental implant bone grafts?

The success rate is at least 90 - 95% for dental implant bone grafts. Conditions that can cause a bone graft to fail are infections and not proper stabilization of the graft.

Considering the high success rate of the procedure, in many cases it is strongly advised to pay the additional cost of dental implant bone graft, because it can significantly increase the success rate of the dental implant surgery that will follow. If bone grafting has been recommended by your implant dentist, you should not try to save the bone graft cost because you may end up to loose your full investment by risking a dental implant failure.

The factors that can increase the risk of a bone graft failure are the same with those causing implant failures:

  • smoking
  • medical conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes
  • periodontal disease
  • immune system deficiencies
  • osteoporosis
  • surgical errors

Indications of a failed dental implant bone graft include lesions exposing the graft, loss of large amount of bone graft material, graft mobility or signs of infection such as pus and drainage in the bone graft area. If a dental implant bone graft fails, any remaining graft material should be removed and the area should be cleaned and left to heal for some time. When healed, a second bone graft can be placed.

How to avoid additional dental bone graft costs

You must always follow your oral surgeon's instructions after dental bone graft. Proper aftercare is important in order to minimize possible complications that will increase the dental implant bone graft cost. If the bone graft fails, it will not only delay the placement of dental implants but you will have to pay again the cost of bone graft to repeat the treatment.

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